808 State - Gorgeous Deluxe Edition: Element 03 (Album)

808 State - Gorgeous Deluxe Edition (Album)

808 State - Gorgeous Deluxe Edition (Element 03)

UK 2010 2xCD; ZTT / Salvo / Union Square: SALVOMDCD08
UK 2011 Digital; ZTT / Salvo / Union Square: DDSALVOD 046


04:03 Plan 9
02:58 Moses
03:38 Contrique
03:34 10x10
02:46 One In Ten
04:17 Europa
04:01 Orbit
04:05 Black Morpheus
05:04 Southern Cross
04:34 Nimbus
04:45 Colony
02:56 Timebomb
03:24 Stormin Norman
03:01 Sexy Dancer
03:41 Sexy Synthesizer

06:44 Freak (Astroban Mix) **
04:48 Lemon (Oberheim 4 Mix) ******* [aka "Lemon"]
05:36 La Luz (Acid Mix) ****
03:44 Icecream On Elm Street (Sex Synth) *
04:53 Mondonet ******
08:29 Reaper Repo (12" Mix) ***
04:35 Bombadin (Unreleased Edit) *
06:16 Marathon (Original 2 Four Pub Mix) *****
06:02 Insane Lover (Analogue Mix) **
05:26 Jackson Fraction (Jaco Taco Mix) *
03:54 Timebomb (Oldham Mix) *** [aka "Timebomb (Unique Mix)"]
04:08 10x10 (Vox) ****
04:21 Plan 9 (Memory Moog Mix) *
04:20 Nbambi (March Hare Mix) ******** [aka "Nbambi (April Showers Mix Mix)"]

* Previously unreleased tracks.
** Previously available on Insane Love/Freak.
*** Previously available on Timebomb.
**** Previously available on 10x10.
***** Previously available on Bombadin.
****** Previously available on Trance Europe Express 3.
******* Previously available on Gorgeous (Disco Disc).
******** Previously available on Plan 9.

Release date:

23rd March 2010


Written, programmed and produced by 808 State (Graham Massey, Andrew Barker and Darren Partington).

All songs published by Perfect Songs Ltd except:

  • Moses written by Ian McCulloch/808 State published by Copyright Control/Perfect Songs Ltd.
  • Contrique written by 808 State/Curtis/Hook/Sumner/Morris published by Perfect Songs Ltd/Fractured Music administered by Zomba Music Publishers Ltd for the World.
  • 10x 10 written by 808 State/Paul Weller published by Perfect Songs Ltd/And Son Music Ltd/EMI Music (publishers) Ltd.
  • One in Ten written by UB40 and 808 State published by New Claims - ATV Music/Perfect Songs Ltd.
  • Europa written by Caroline Seaman/808 State published by Copyright Control/Perfect Songs Ltd.
  • Contrique includes a sample of 'She's Lost Control' by Joy Division, used courtesy of Joy Division/Zomba Music.
  • 10x 10 includes a sample of 'Start' by The Jam used courtesy of Polydor Ltd (UK).
  • Recorded at Fon (Sheffield) Amazon (Liverpool) Vibes (Oldham) Sarm (London).
  • Mixed at Fon and Amazon.
  • Edited and Sound Tooled at Amazon.
  • Engineered by Mike Haas and Alan Fisch.
  • Mastered by Arun at Masteroom.
  • Moses vocals and lyrics by Ian McCulloch.
  • Europa vocals and lyrics by Caroline Seaman.
  • 10x 10 vocals by Rachel MacFarlane and Barrington Stuart.
  • One In Ten vocals and lyrics by UB40.

Ian McCulloch appears courtesy of East West Records.

Customised Moog and ARP Systems by Tony "Captain Techno" Wride.

Base 3D Sound Enhancement loaned by Base Systems.

Artwork by Johnson Panas.

Computer images by Walmsley/Massey at Recharge.

Photos by Ian Tilton.

808 would like to thank Mandy Doyle (above and beyond the call of duty, King Pin and Boss Type), Mike Haas, Alan Fisch, Dave Taylor and Fon staff, Mike 'Prinlavichockilaa' Hunter and Amazon staff, Caroline, Barry, Rachel and Ian for your contributions, UB40 and Dep International, 808 touring crew - Pablo, Lee Forde, Pattie and Walter, DJ Rofe, Crispy Collins, Eric, Hewan and Angela, Alfonso, all at ZTT and Warners, Tommy Boy types, Mike Jacobs, Ray Hearn, Bruce Kirkland and Second Vision, Gerry Gerrard, Ian Huffam, Jill Pearson, Johnny Roadhouse, Bjork, Electronic, DR JRP Hill, Binni, Katy and Offie, Kirby Sound, Eastern Bloc, 808 State radio staff, Tom Richardson, Gio Goi. Special thanks to all our families and friends for love and support.


Remastered deluxe series album.

Union Square Music page - here.

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