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Adam, a.k.a. ShigeruMiyam0t0

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Adam Mitchell

18 years

Pensacola, Florida, USA

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Yes: Owner of a Lonely Heart, Not So Fragile Mix

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Adam sadly died in a car accident on 12 January 2001. The picture on the right is a senior high school picture of Adam, submitted by his brother.

Adam (High School senior picture)

A selection of Adam's postings

His brother Cameron's posting

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A short selection of some of Adam's memorable postings:

I know the first film I make, the opening credits will be Pacific. . .

A while back on the board the question of vocalists appearing on 808 tracks came up. Well, what if John Lennon were still alive? Wouldn't it be great to hear his voice on one of 808's darker flavored compositions?

Is it just me, or does the number 808 appear in more places than just the band, machine, and area code? It seems like everytime it's 8:08 pm, I look at a clock and notice it, without trying. I'm pumping gas, and I try to always get 8 dollars and eight cents worth. I keep seeing it in UPC codes. Am I going insane? Or are there other people who have seen similar things?

To find all of Adam's postings, access the 808 discussion board V4, click on Search and enter 'Adam'.

His brother Cameron's posting, 15 January 2001:

I am not sure if my brother actually posted here under the name Adam. But Adam was his name, and he did post here. He loved 808state, it was in fact his favorite music. I say that in the past tense for a reason. Friday night at roughly 8:45pm my brother was involved in an accident. We are not sure exactly what happened yet, but he was hit, and killed. His best friend Richard was with him at the time, but he survived. Out of 4 people my brother was the only one to die, but it was instant, as soon as he was hit he was gone. I can only hope he went before he knew what was happening. I loved my brother very much and will never forget him or his love of music. He was in a band, from their music however you could have never told he enjoyed 808 as much as he did. I will more than likely sneak a CD into his casket so he be at peace in the afterlife with the music that brought him so much joy while he was alive. I guess it makes me feel better to talk about it. He was a great 808state fan, as well as a great brother, and human being.

Graham Massey's posting:

Cameron, sorry to hear of your sudden loss of ADAM. He was a regular on our site and though I know little about Adam. We did notice his enthusiasm and it is appreciated. We will give him a little dedication on the next album (shouts going out section) and wish him peace!

Stephen Cade's posting:

I never believed a discussion board message could provide such an array of emotions. The loss of a fan with whom we interacted with, the sincere condolence messages, the feedback from the band itself with the promise of an album credit, up to knowing that 808 inspired Adam so much an album will be with him always. Sales alone do not acclaim an artist, it is stories like these which reward their creativity in the realisation that there music was a part of somebody's life......and death. This must be a unique moment and along with the sadness we all share, 808 should also feel very proud.

Rest In Peace Adam.

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