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A Gillian S

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31 March 1985, yes me young

(hell yeah) New York, the US of A

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I actually got into 808 by accident. or uh... by Ooops. no really, by Ooops. i heard the remix through a collection of Bjork tracks and was tickled with excitement. or something. immediately bought Ex:el and nearly pissed myself. so happy. what a lovely time.

Never seen 808 live. why? i'm out over here in the middle of nowhere, and i'm a baby when it comes to 808ism. only got into them recently, and i was tiny back then. at least now i'm tiny and enlightened. i worship my Quadrastate. i live for Pacific like everyone else. i have my daily dose of 90 and Ex:el. Love Don Solaris too... i have one copy at each house... the other albums are on mp3 so i'm not stuck at my other location without it. i could talk about the other music i'm into... but 808 is why i'm here, yes?

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