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Full name:
Carl Whitehouse

3 March 1977 in Watford, England

Living in:
Watford, England

Favourite 808 track(s):
Cubik / Pacific

Fave 808 album:
Don Solaris

How did you get into 808:
It's a long story. Too long to remember in fact. Actually to tell you the truth it was Pete.

Greatest moments:
Getting into 808 State and realising that there was more to life than listening to hip hop.

808 Live gigs attended:
Sun 30 Apr 2000 - Mass, Brixton
Sun 02 Jun 2002 - Coloursfest, Glasgow
Sat 03 Aug 2002 - Castlefield, Manchester
Fri 18 Oct 02 - 93 Feet East, London

Most prized 808 items:
I don't have one (YET!)

Most wanted 808 item:
Anything that I don't have that I may need or anything that people would highly recommend to me.

Also into:
Aphex Twin, Future Sound Of London, Orbital, The Orb, L.F.O., Purity, Sabres Of Paradise. To name but a few.

Last updated: 30-Mar-2005