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Alastair Hargrave


Lives in:
Woking in Surrey

Favourite 808 tune:
In yer Face, as this really was the tune (with the Prodigy's Charlie) that got me into Dance music.

How did you get into 808:
I have been a fan of 808 State since EXEL. At the time my best mate and I were into New Order and The Smiths. He'd heard in an interview that Morrissey was really into 808 State and as fans we bought EXEL. At one point I had a complete 808 State Album back catalogue until someone in a houseshare I lived in nicked them ALL. I have since tried to reclaim my collection and again have lost copies of albums - why is it these seem the most nickable - obviously good albums.

Over the years they have become my favourite band - longevity is very important and 808 State definitively will live long with me. I went through a lull patch as a fan and saw them for the first time at the Essential Festival in Finsbury Park, and this was by accident. My friend John and I were stood in a tent and looked at the programme, realising 808 State were playing. It was fantastic to see them in this way and reopened my love of their music.

Since then we have seen them at Cornwall, the Godiver festival in Coventry, Bristol warm-up and Brixton gigs last year. With the impending June dates, I intend on travelling around to see them (as they may not tour or do anything for a while after).

I am a very good beat mixer, utilising all styles at my disposal (especially Acid House and Techno, although Garage, House Rock etc can all fit in there somewhere - it all about creativity really). Would love to get regular gigs though to wow the crowd with music and skill. Learnt my skill at Trade in London - learning from DJ's like Daz Saund and Trevor Rockliffe - two DJs whom I believe when playing together provide the best 4 hour DJ set going!

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005

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