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Full name:
Harvey William Manhood

6 March 1983 in Wolverhampton

Lives in:
Solihull, West Midlands

Favourite 808 tracks:
Pacific, Kinky National, Disco State, (and the rest of the Quadrastate / US90 tracks)

Fave 808 album:
United State 90, Quadrastate

Fave remix of 808:
Azura (Dillinja Mix), 10x10 (Black Eye Mix)

How did you get into 808:
I didn’t join the band-wagon back in ’89 like everyone else I was too young!   The first I heard of 808 was when Pacific was played on the radio, which would have been towards the end of 1996.  As soon as it came on, I bunged in a tape to record it, and after several listens, it quickly became the best track I’d ever heard, and it has remained that to this day.  As soon as I heard 808:88:98 I was obsessed, and promptly went out and bought 4 more albums (this was early '99).  I was only really able to start collecting when I had the internet made available in January 2000, but it was worth the wait... they really are the best.

Best 808 moments:

  • Hearing Pacific for the first time
  • Hearing Pacific on CD for the first time
  • Obtaining Quadrastate
  • Obtaining Forecast
  • Hearing the Castlefield ‘96 gig from the download on this site

Best thing about 808 collecting:
12-13 years worth of back-catalogue (much more than most other electronic artists), which provides hundreds of awesome things to locate/enjoy.

808 Live gigs attended:
None as yet :-)

Most prized 808 items:

  • The coolest t-shirt in the world, as seen in the picture (thanks Pete!)
  • North At Its Heights CD,
  • Insane Lover promo (thanks Markus!)
  • Forecast
  • Quadrastate
  • Pacific 3” CD
  • In Yer Face Japanese CD
  • Though, of course, all my 808 items are prized in their own way :-)

Most wanted 808 items:

  • PACIFIC US PROMO CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • StateToState (original copy)
  • NON-FOLDED United State 90 poster
  • CHEAP Japanese albums (not like what esprit charge for them)
  • Something signed by the band

Last updated: 26-Jun-2005