John Ancodia

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Full name:
John James McBride

16 January 1975

Lives in:
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Favourite 808 tracks:
Cubik, Banacheq, 606

Fave 808 album:
Don Solaris

Fave 808 remixes (or production):
Bambaataa, Soft Ballet, Hosono and Bjork (especially 'Karvel')

How did you get into 808:
I got into 808 after seeing them perform 'Cubik' on Top of the Pops, Massey going wild on the guitar and Daz getting frantic on the decks, I'd heard nothing like this ever before, I instantly knew that 808 were something special. Around this time, there was a brilliant track going around called 'Only Rhyme That Bites' I was amazed to find it was by the same guys. And so I was hooked, and I just had to collect as many of their tunes as I could get my hands on.

Best 808 moments:

  • Hanging out with Massey over much of the Castlefield 2002 weekend, blagging a Press-Pass to give me stage access for the Gig, meeting back up with MC Tunes backstage and attending the VIP after-show in Barça (big thanks to Mandy!) after the gig with Daz & Andy DJing.
  • Getting drunk 'til 6am with Andy & Daz DJing at 'The Brunswick in Belfast.
  • A similar getting drunk with MC Tunes and Manni (Primal Scream) in 'The Front Page' in Belfast 'til a similar 6am after their DJ sets.

Maddest 808 moment:
Naming my son after Graham, Andy & Darren

808 Live and Related:

  • 808 State Live - Belfast 1993
  • Andy&Daz - Belfast 2000
  • MC Tunes DJ Set - Belfast 2001
  • 808 State Live - Glasgow 2002
  • Homelife Live - Manchester 2002
  • 808 State Live - Manchester 2002
  • Homelife Live - Manchester 2002
  • Tool-Shed Live - Manchester 2003
  • 808 State Live - Manchester 2003

Most prized 808 items:

  • State to State (Signed by Andy & Daz)
  • Japanese Imports and US Promo Imports
  • Optibuk DVD

Most wanted 808 items:
Every release Massey and the boys have had a hand in producing (more commonly known as the latest thing Agent Nick has managed to surprise us with!)

Other interests:
Outside of 808 my current interests include DJing various nights around Belfast (always trying to drop in an 808 tune!), producing and recording some local Groups. And now I think will have to eventually get back to my 808 influenced track I've been working on for far too long.


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