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Mari Ohta

28 May

Living in:
Tokyo (Japan), the best place to look for records, cool DJs and nite clubs!!

How did you get into 808:
In spring of 1994 when I was looking for good music at the Virgin Mega Store in Tokyo, "PLAN9 (CHOKI GALAXY MIX)" got my attention. I actually happened to be at the 808state in-store promotional gig of their Japanese limited album "FORECAST" on the same day! Lucky me.
Markus asked me if I have any picture of the gig, but you know, I happened to be there and didn't have a camera with me. :(

808 State gigs you've been to:
My first and last gig I've been to is the one that I mentioned above. I moved from Tokyo to a rural city in USA right after the gig and never had a chance to go to their gig. Have they ever been to St. Louis? No, I don't think so.... And I missed the one in Tokyo last year! I didn't know they were coming.... When will be my next time !?

Most prized 808 items:
Of course it's "statetostate" album with Graham, Daz and Andy's autographs on the jacket, which they offered me in return of helping them to translate their press release document into Japanese. This happened when I sent an email to 808state after viewing their web page!!

Also listen to:
Bjork, Beck, OASIS, Underworld, DJ Mark Farina, Smashing Pumpkins.
I just love to explore any kinds of music as long as it enjoys me :)

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