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Full name:
Mark Edon

20 January 1977 in Gateshead

Living in:

Favourite 808 album:
Don Solaris

Favourite 808 tracks:
In yer face, La Luz, Jerusahat

Fave 808 remix:
King of Comedy by REM

Fave remix of 808:
Vegas Soul Remix One of Invader

How did you get into 808:
I got into 808 in the late 80's when Pacific and 90 were released then I caught up on Newbuild and The EPOD. I have never encountered a band that gives me so much listening pleasure as 808, they are so different every time you never know what to expect and that element of diversity is what makes them my Favourites. In my opinion they are the pioneers of dance music as we know it and deserve the recognition they are so often cruelly denied. 808 quite simply are the best.

808 claim to fame:
Meeting Darren and Andy DJ'ing in 1999 at Middlesbrough Arena and having a interesting chat with Darren (who was pretty pissed!)

808 Live gigs attended:
1991 Middlesbrough Town Hall
1993 Middlesbrough Arena
1996 Manchester Castlefield Arena
1999 808 DJ's Middlesbrough Arena

Most prized 808 item:
My recently acquired 'Pacific' US promo CD.

Most wanted 808 item:
Sure is Pure remix of Joyrider.

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005