Pacific Reefer

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Pacific Reefer, Steve (was also Midnight Loops)

Full name:
Steve Payton

22 May 1972 in Warrington, England

Living in:
Adelaide, Australia

Favourite 808 album:

Favourite 808 track(s):
Pacific, Lift, Qmart, Azura

How did you get into 808:
Back in 1990, I had a friend come over. He had a bunch of vinyls and 'Pacific' by 808 happened to be one of them. I remember wondering about the enigmatic wave and the catchy name of 808state or what looked like state808 on the cover! Sitting out in my backroom, enjoying high summer and lazy days in between high school and university, he plonked it on my stereo. Well, out poured such glorious sonic beauty contained in those 7th chords! We listened to both sides in wonderment and by the dizzying end of 'Pacific State' I had tears in my eyes...I've not looked back since. No other sound has moved me so much.

808 Live gigs attended:
sadly...none :( 808 don't come 'Down under' too often!

Most prized 808 possessions:
Quadrastate vinyl, Pacific State on vinyl.

Most wanted 808 item:
Footage of every one of their live performances!

Shouts to:
Tad, Justin, Xylic and the old Posse

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005

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