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Full name:
Pat Ingoldsby

6 May 1973

Irish Canadian

Lives in:
St Catharines, Ontario Canada (in the Niagara Peninsula)

Fave 808 album:

Fave 808 track:
Pacific State / Pacific 909

How did you get into 808:
I saw the video for Pacific 707 back in 90/ 91 on a program called CITY LIMITS on Much Music. I was immediately blow away by the ambient texturing with the bird song and the baritone sax. Basically the song really took well to my ears and I enjoyed the feeling I got from it. It epitomized what a great electronic song was all about at that time and it still holds water. I was hooked ever since.
At that time I was heavy into songs like LFO-"What is House?", The Timelords-"Doctorin' the Tardis", Deee Lite-"What is Love".

808 Live gigs attended:
I saw them open up for New Order at Canada Wonderland's Kingswood Outdoor Theatre. They performed amazingly in the evening's twilight hours. It was absolutely one of the best times so far in my life. See posting
The Greatest 808 Moment In My Life.
I still envy all of you G-MEXers! You are all so lucky! Damn!

Most prized 808 items:

  • The Spot the Sample prize. The "808state messing about in the studio" recordings. Complete with a hand written congrats / warning from Graham not to pirate the proprietary songs for bootlegging purposes. Having my own recording studio and always synth / programming Jammin' I totally get a kick out of it. I learned a few new swear words form the MC Tunes Pump recording sessions. Great Fun!
  • The "State to State" Fan club disk. I found out about it in the Record Collector magazine.
  • Pacific Tommy Boy 12" ( I Love the 909 remix )
  • The Extended Pleasures of Dance EP
  • Insane Lover/ Freak Promo 12"
  • Let Yourself Go 12"
  • QuadraState LP
  • The North at its Heights

Most wanted 808 items:
A replacement of the Only 808 concert T that I bought at the New Order concert. It had a Butterfly Logo on the front with a Pill-Shaped logo on the back that read, " 808State entertainment System". My Dad tossed it in the wash with a new Purple towel with it and now looks like a Jimmy Somerville type of concert T. Crumbs!

808 effect and inspirations:
I was always into electronically produced music ever since I played a copy of my Dad's Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle" album at the age of 6. I also grew up around a wide exposure of music since my Dad was a Rock and Roll singer in a band called "Thee Unkind". Another band member, my Uncle Brian, had a Jam/ Demonstration recording studio in the cellar of his House. So my cousin and myself spent a lot of time from the age of 6 to 17 just jamming and messing around with multi track tape reels and tons of different instruments. That is were I discovered the Hammond Organ and basic synthesis. We had a Roland Rhythm 55 for a drum machine as well. It was very Phil Collins sounding. I still own it.

I had a short Dj career before and during College. I played at a few local nightclubs spinning hip-hop, hip-house and a ton of Warp and Chicago House. When I discovered 808State, I discovered the Holy Grail of electronic music. To me, they retained all of the right ingredients of what makes a great sound recording. With a lot of feeling in it.

That is when I started looking for equipment to start learning how to program beats and sequence musical analogue expressions. I was inspired to the point that I started to seriously produce loads of demo tapes while constantly learning. 808State are not my only inspiration, but they are at the very top of the list. I love what they do and how original they are. They are themselves and I respect that tremendously.

I now do a lot of home recording in my spare room studio in my house apartment. I occasionally work in Toronto at Rip Off Records doing rhythm programming on a Akai MPC 3000 and on a Emu sp12. My friends own that studio and I help them a great deal when I can get free from my Nintendo job as a lead artist.

I have the usual suspects; tr 909, Juno 106, D 50/ PG 1000, tr 606, tr 55, DR 202, Casio SK 1, SH 101 and a Yamaha MD 8 Mini Data Disk Recorder. I am currently trying to finish my own pile of songs for a release in the next year. My musical outlet is called TOWNLINE. It mostly just myself and some friends who lend a hand with ideas and recording.

808 Dream: To finally send Graham Massey some recordings of my tunes and get a good response from them. Who knows..............? Graham, do you accept DAT Tapes?

Keep listening to the feeling that is 808! Relate!

Also into:
Saint Etienne, New Order / Electronic, Pet Shop Boys, The Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Orbital, Daniel Lanois, FSOL, A Guy Called Gerald, Underworld, AFX Twin, Weather Report, Kraftwerk, YMO, All Seeing Eye, Andrew Weatherall, Tomita, The Gentle People, I Could Go on...

Labels I like / liked...
Suburban Base and Moving Shadow old Jungle records, Yellow Records,  Reflex, Factory, Chicago Records, Z.T.T.

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