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Full name:
Paul Darren Gray

15th June 1975

Living in:
Middlesbrough, England

How did you get into 808:
My mate at Secondary school used to always record me tapes of the music he was into, and one time in 1990 he done me a tape of Cubic, Olympic and Pacific and I was hooked. I have got all the albums on CD (apart from Newbuild and Quadrastate) and used to have an extensive vinyl collection until I was broken into in late 1994.

808 Live gigs attended:
Middlesbrough Arena March 1993

Most prized 808 items:
Don't have any, most of my records were stolen a long time back.

Most wanted 808 item:
The latest stuff. The new album maybe.

Memorable moment:
Basically being at the Middlesbrough Arena that night in March 1993, seeing first hand the band I had become fascinated with. At the time I lived in Hartlepool (UK) and went to the gig knowing full well that at 3AM in the morning after the event I would have to walk 16 Miles from Middlesbrough to Hartlepool. That I will never forget.

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