Peter Zarustica

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Peter Zarustica

Full name:
Peter Ernest Zarustica

30 January 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Living in:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Manchester, UK

Favourite 808 album:

Favourite 808 tracks:
Cobra Bora, In Yer Face, Boogieman, Bird

How did you get into 808:
1990, first time I heard Pacific. The melody stucked up in my mind and I could never live without it. After some years I had purchased almost everything 808 recorded in CD, been a huge fan ever since.

Greatest moments:

  • Remixing Bond for globalState along with BrainSaver
  • Visiting Fon Studios in 1998
  • Meeting Graham and the band in São Paulo 2003

808 Live gigs attended:

  • 1996 Free Jazz, São Paulo Brazil
  • 1996 Free Jazz, Rio Brazil
  • 2003 SkolBeats, São Paulo Brazil. Peter's Report.

Most prized 808 item:
Japanese single of Cubik with this 1 minute version of Cobra Bora signed by Graham; Don Solaris signed by Darren; Outpost Transmission given to me by Graham

Most wanted 808 item:
state to state CD

Fave other artists:
New Order
the Smiths
Other Two
Doc Fritz
Chemical Brothers

Last updated: 30-Mar-2005

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Peter and Graham
Peter & Graham - SkolBeats 2003