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How did you get into 808:
I got into 808 when they released newbuild back in 87 or 88, can't remember. Getting old. Was also into phuture phantasy club, psychic tv, armando, fingers - you know, basically all the acid stuff. The good thing back then you could name every track released every week. I used to listen to stu allen on piccadilly radio (now key103 fm). It used to be on at 1.00 am sunday night.

Fave 808 album:

Fave 808 tracks:
My favorite tracks are donkey doctor, black morpheus (real laid back groove) and sexy synthesizer (mad shouts). I also like the track on the dvd (not opti buk), the one with the camera flying over an estuary in the desert somewhere anyway (Macrobiotic, ed.).


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