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Full name:
Pierre-Marie PELE

11 Mai 1970 in Paris, FRANCE


Lives in:

Fave 808 tracks:

  • In yer face
  • Crash
  • Bird
  • Spanish Marching
  • Cobra Bora
  • Magical Dream
  • Flow Coma

(and many others of course)

Fave 808 album:
808 United State 90

How did you get into 808:
In 1991, when I heard the title 'In Yer Face' on MTV. This tune rocked!  I heard a few weeks later Pacific and was amazed. Since then, I buy every single, album or LP of 808State.

Most freaked out moment:
Buying after a few months hunt, the Video Optical 90!!! It has become very rare now!

808 Live gigs attended:
It's my biggest deception. I never went to a 808 Concert. Please come in France!

Most prized 808 items:
My Optical 90 VHS, StatetoState (fan-club Promo album, 1994) and my LP's (Newbuild, Let yourself go, The Extended Pleasure of Dance, ...)

Most wanted 808 items:
An autograph (I asked it two years ago when I was in the Official Fan Club but didn't receive it. Please, don't forget me!)

Also into:
LFO, Orbital, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Kraftwerk, Leftfield, Front 242, Tangerine Dream...

I'm the webmaster of the (only) French web site dedicated to 808State. Come visit me.

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005