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Full name:
Matthew Rhodes

10 Aug 74

Lives in:
Teversal, England (about 5 miles from Mansfield)

Top Five 808 tracks:
(in no particular order, this list changes on an almost hourly basis):

  • Flow Coma
  • 808080808
  • Techno Bell
  • Ski Family
  • Bond

Fave 808 albums:
90, Don Solaris

Top three 808 remixes:
YMO - Light In Darkness
Heitor - Ligeirin
FGTH - Two Tribes

How did you get into 808:
1989 - read about Pacific in Sky Magazine whilst waiting to get my haircut. Went home that day with Grade 1 all over and a copy of the 12". Purchasing 90 helped things along, however after hearing Cubik at the 1990 Gmex gig my fate was sealed. My adolescence was shaped by playing 90 and The Beloved's 'Happiness' in constant rotation.

808 Live gigs attended:

  • 1990 - GMex (supporting Happy Mondays)
  • 1991 - GMex
  • 1995 - Tribal Gathering, Oxford
  • 1996 - Castlefield, Manchester
  • 1996 - Megadog, Nottingham
  • 1997 - Union One, Derby
  • 1998 - Heaton Park, Manchester
  • 1999 - Godiva Festival, Coventry
  • 2000 - Holy Trinity, Bristol
  • 2002 - Coloursfest, Glasgow
  • 2002 - Ascension, Manchester

plus various DJ sets. Leadmill report.

Most treasured 808 memories:
Cubik (1990 Gmex gig), meeting Daz on the 808 stall at Tribal Gathering 1995 (plus hearing the coolest version of 'Cobra Bora' there)

Most prized 808 possessions:
Ticket from the Turbo Rave at Gmex signed by Graham, 2 Fat Ladies 12", Hit Squad 12", signed photo, signed copy of Don Solaris, Daz's tambourine from the Coventry gig

Most wanted 808 item:
Every video they've ever done on DVD (granted through the release of the opti buk DVD), the Massonix 12", a copy of the Radio 1 set the Spinmasters did for PSB (1991), my mate's 'Gorgeous' promotional globe that he's turned into a clock (he's left it me in his will. Yeah, cheers Dave)

Also into:
Depeche Mode, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Soul Coughing (thanks to Bond), Moby.

Also plays keyboards in a band (check out
Sender - it is NOT dance music!)

Last updated: 30-Mar-2005