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Most prized 808 items:
Pacific white label promo in stunning stickered & 'homemade' monocolour sleeve. A very rare item. Why did I not buy the second copy I came across? For the memorabilia, I have a wonderful signed backstage pass with humorous drawings of the lads. See image. Anyone know from which concert it was issued?

Most wanted 808 item:
Pacific promo videos and US cassette single. Copy of a 1993 MTV Partyzone all requests show featuring 808 on my request. I missed the show myself. Note: The show was aired ca Nov / Dec 1993, this is not the show that was hosted by 808 in 1994).

808 Live gigs attended:
Castlefield 1996. See image. Cheers to Markus for a fantastic 808 week-end.

How did you learn about 808:
Heard this wonderful sax on 1989 house megamixes. Later learned it was 808 when I heard Pacific on the radio. Went and bought Pacific 909 12" and I was dead disappointed, so I went and bought the 90 LP. Wow. Don't worry, a couple of more listenings and I loved the 909 version as well.

Fave 808 anecdote:
Did you know that a second production of Pacific UK 12" was manufactured which is mastered to 45 RPM? The label still says '33stereo' and I've heard stories about people tricked to play and enjoy it at slow speed. This version can be recognised as it has 'ADRENALIN' written on the run-out. The mistake was repeated on Pacific ZTT98TPX promo. How odd is that?

Three Fave 808 tracks:
Pacific, Olympic & Black Morpheus.

Fave 808 album:
Ex:El. The best album ever, unparalleled in world history.

What a bold statement, here is 5 fave non-808 discs:
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Air - Moon Safari
Stereolab - Dots and Loops
Massive Attack - Protection
The Beatles - Abbey Road

Fave 808 remix:
Voiceprint (808 Mix One). Not much of the original left in, but what a dark groove (spot the sample by the way).

Fave 808 remixed:
I do not love any of the external remixes, but US mixes of Pacific and Lift are funky oldschool in their own rights.

I also listen to:
The ZTT family, Stereolab, Masters At Work, Massive Attack, Orbital, Gilles Peterson style, house, disco & jazz.

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005

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