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Full name:
Mark Stevens

21 Feb 1972

Living in:
Herts, UK

Current occupation:
Product buyer

All-time fave 808 State album:

All-time fave 808 State track:

Discovered 808 State:
Borrowed a friend's walkman and discovered he'd left 808 State's "90" in it. Listened to it in one sitting and was gob-smacked. Gave it back to him about 6 months later.

Most treasured 808 possessions:
808 State - "Newbuild" (original Creed vinyl)
808 State - "Let Yourself Go/Deepville" (vinyl)
Lounge Jays - "Massage-a-Rama/Sex Mechanic" (vinyl)
Massonix - "Just a Little Bit More" (vinyl)

Current fave albums (as of July 2001):
Luomo - "Vocalcity"
Vladislav Delay - "Anima"
Uusitalo - "Vapaa Muurari"
Autechre - "Confield"
Gas - "Pop"
Susumu Yokota - "Grinning Cat"
Natacha Atlas - "Ayeshteni"
Plaid - "Double Figure"
Prefuse 73 - "Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives"
Spacek - "Curvatia"
Nitin Sawhney - "Prophesy"
Badmarsh & Shri - "Signs"
Mouse on Mars - "Idiology"
Basement Jaxx - "Rooty"
The Avalanches - "Since I Left You"
Bent - "Programmed to Love"
Air - "10,000 Hz Legend"
Daft Punk - "Discovery"

Dream 808 State vocal collaborators:
Alison Goldfrapp
Neko Case
Kirstie Hawkshaw
David Gahan
Liz Fraser
Polly Harvey
Emiliana Torrini
David Gray
Natacha Atlas
Eddi Reader
Nelly Furtado
Finley Quaye

Last updated: 01-Apr-2005