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Full name:
Rod Lester

29th November in Bakersfield, CA USA

Cracker white guy (i.e. Yank / Kraut / Limey / Mc)

Living in:
Bakersfield, CA

Favourite 808 album:
Gorgeous or Don Solaris

Favourite 808 track:
Obviously difficult to say but possibly Pacific808:98

How did you get into 808:
A mix between hearing Aphex Twin ramble on about how legendary Newbuild was, listening to Don Solaris & "Mondonet" from the Trance Europe Express 3 compilation, and seeing the "Pacific808:98" video on late night US MTV.

Greatest moments:
When Graham signed my Quadrastate LP right before playing LA in '99 when I saw them live for the first time.
Coming upon a copy of the Hit-Squad MCR 12".
Realizing (sometime in '98 probably) how talented they really were / are, and in the "keeping it real" department, how they put a shocking number of others in the biz to shame.

Worst moment:
Having to miss seeing them play at Nocturnal Wonderland 13th Sept. '97 in LA because the Aphex Twin show was exactly one week later at the same venue and I didn't have the time or money to attend both. Plus I didn't quite know how cool they were yet (shame on me), even though I had wanted to go for them specifically. That would have been my first show.

808 Live gigs attended:
Urban Phenomenon; 29th May 1999 @ the LA Memorial Sports Arena

Most prized 808 items:
Quadrastate LP (signed by Graham), my Hit-Squad MCR 12" and what used to be a very nice butterfly logo sticker that donned the rear window of the truck I used to drive.

Most wanted 808 item:
Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

Fave other artists:
Aphex Twin
Plaid / The Black Dog
Boards of Canada
Gescom / Autechre
Global Communication
Daniel Lanois (the record producer)
Meat Beat Manifesto
Thomas Newman (the film composer)
nine inch nails
John Williams (the film composer)
Harold Faltermeyer
The (English) Beat
Peter Gabriel

The Jega Discography (writer)
Ar-Plaid (major contributor)
Joyrex.com (major contributor)

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