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Full name:
Stephen Cade

11 Sep 70

Lives in:
Warrington, England

Favourite 808 tracks:
Cobra Bora Pacific (808:98 mix)
In Yer Face (Facially Yours Remix)

Fave 808 album:
90 and Don Solaris

How did you get into 808:
I saw Pacific on ITV's Chart Show and was immediately hooked. Months later I heard a recording of 90 without knowing it was 808state. I thought it was awesome stuff. When Pacific came on I then realised who it must be. I immediately went out and bought my own copy. When I then heard Olympic a year later I knew this band was special and from then on I had to collect all their previous releases and promos (special thanks to Ian Peel - Outside World magazine).
I then became a Tuesday night recluse listening to 808's sunset radio show with the thrill of hearing their new material for the first time.

808 Live gigs attended:
Seen 808 too many times to mention. Most memorable performances however:

  • G-Mex Manchester Christmas 1993 -Supporting Madness- First time I saw 808 live, we then left as Madness came on (You should have seen there faces)
  • The awesome Megadog events at Manchester Academy including New Years Eve at Manchester Apollo and Stoke University.
  • Don Solaris release party at Castlefield arena.
  • Heaton Park outdoor gig, Manchester (1998)
  • Essential Festival, Stanmer Park, Brighton
  • Eclipse Festival, Cornwall Steve's gig report
  • Not forgetting Middlesex University when I met the band for the first time.
  • Mass Brixton (2000) Steve's gig report
  • Coloursfest, Glasgow (2002)
  • Ascension, Manchester (2002) Steve's gig report

Most prized 808 possessions:
Autographed Bombadin CD, Joyrider Sure Is Pure remix 12", Collection of 808 radio shows and interviews.

Most wanted 808 item:
The next 808state album.

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Coloursfest Glasgow