Blendmaster Segue

Message board name:
Blendmaster Segue (formerly known as 'Dr.' Walsh and Walshy)

Full name:
James Walsh

5 October 1976

Living in:
Timperley, Greater Manchester

How did you get into 808:
Saw "Pacific" on TOTP and heard "Ex:El", but fell in love with them at Castlefield summer '96 - losing it on the cobbles in the rain!

808 Live parties attended:

  • Castlefield '96
  • Megadog at The Academy NYE '98/'99, one of the, if not THE best night of my life - something in the air that night!
  • DJ set NY Sushi NYE '99/'00
  • DJ set Wicked Festival, Singapore August '01. Walshy's report.
  • Ascension, Manchester '02
  • DJ set Elemental, Manchester, NYE '02/'03
  • DJ set Strategy @ Zanzibar, Liverpool, May '03

Favourite 808 tune:

Most prized 808 items:
'Extended Pleasures Of Dance' EP on vinyl, 'Opti Buk' DVD.

Most wanted 808 items:
When they come out:
- the next 808 DVD
- the 808/NW England acid house movie
- '808:88:03' / if that doesn't happen '808:88:08'

Memorable moment:
Playing 'Olympic' on a 24 hour dance music radio-station in Northern Australia (Trip fm 88.0 RIP) on the opening night of the Sydney Olympics, and adding that if the Olympics had gone to Manchester we'd be larging it to 808 now and be one step nearer to world peace!

Last updated: 15-Jan-2006

with Massey
With Graham Massey.

walshy and gerald
With A Guy Called Gerald.

Wicked Crew
With Andrew and Darren at Singapore Wicked Festival, August 2001.