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by Oggy
03 Jun 2002 17:11
Forum: Music
Topic: Mobile Phone Ringtones
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You can get the Cubik ring tone from had a listen but it was pants!! Its listed under cubic!

156033 cubic - 808 state

Been looking for a good Pacific or In Yer Face for ages!

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by Oggy
03 Jun 2002 17:07
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Colours reports please!
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808 State were worth the wait, music was banging - liked some of the new stuff, cant wait for the new album. Was a bit dissapointed with the screens display though, cause there was none! Thought they could have put up a display or some sort of graphics like when Tall Paul was on. The old pacific vid...
by Oggy
03 Jun 2002 16:59
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Travel Inn
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I spotted about five people in the Travel Inn with the 808 t-shirts on, I take it that was you guys :smile: I spotted them when I left for colours and you's were in the bar when I returned. I had my old white 808 State "In Yer Face" t-shirt on, best bit of 12 years old!! First time I've seen 808 in ...