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by Ancodia
02 May 2002 21:27
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Topic: James - Promised Land
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Hi Nick, I got the Come Home CD5 fairly recently for four quid to then find out, they normally go for between 10 - 15. Markus and I are currently working on the discogs and I'm sure you can help fill in some of the gaps. ATB, John <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Ancodia on 2002-05-02 16:...
by Ancodia
14 Apr 2002 15:22
Forum: 808 State discussion
Topic: Japanese web site
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This should link through Babelfish to a translated page - ... _en&tt=url
by Ancodia
05 Apr 2002 00:58
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Topic: Swanky new 'discussion forum'
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Have to admit this new forum is excellant Markus keep up the good work.:grin: eMailing you soon regarding discog - very busy new studio stuff and computer problems haven't got enough hands etc