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Post by niko » 09 Jul 2002 16:03

hello, and thanks for all the good advice how to get the opti buk dvd which i've just ordered. can't wait to see / hear it !!
i have a question concerning the promo sam 933, released long before the proper release of 10x10 in 1993. is it true that only 150 copies do exist ? i was wondering about that because it seems to be quite easy and cheap to get.
also, is the original olympic state track different from olympic august 90, same question about the exlusive promo mix of open your mind..

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Post by nickking » 14 Jul 2002 02:33

Here's what I know...

I don't have the 'Lift' 12" promo, but I believe that the 'Fon Mix' of 'Open Your Mind' is exclusive to that release.

And, yup, the 'Cubik' UK 12" remix (ZANG 5 TX) does feature an exclusive mix of Olympic - the 'August 90' mix.

As for the 10x10 promo, I don't know the answer to that question...


Nick :wink:

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Post by markus » 17 Jul 2002 22:32

Hi Niko, good to see you aboard! I too have often wondered about that 10x10 being so limited. Even back in the days I kept seeing it and picked it up every time. I think I must have picked up 10 copies over the years.

Some trainspotting info for other readers: 'Let Yourself Go' from the Warp 'Influences' compilation was mastered off a compilation CD that Niko owns called 'Dance Yourself To Death', as the master could not be found!

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