What ever happened with... (past 808 fans)

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Re: What ever happened with... (past 808 fans)

Postby Rich The Donkey Doctor » 30 Mar 2011 17:28

I'm here still! I lurk around sometimes to see what's going down. Also got Graham on FB so I get his updates directly...

I managed to catch Andy and Darren as 808 DJs at the Canal Club Hacienda reunion night a few years ago. To be honest all that malarkey takes it out of you these days, I find I still suffer on Monday/Tuesday after a night burning the candle both ends!

Well reason I'm here is this:


Great to see Global Communication back together and touring and even greater to see they've included 808's Sunrise in the tracklist to their new inspirations collection.

Need to get my hands on this very soon!

Oh and if anybody wants to hear my new music demos then hook me up on Soundcloud:


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Re: What ever happened with... (past 808 fans)

Postby nickking » 30 Mar 2011 18:22

Excellent stuff - Global Communication - shall definitely pick that one up! :)

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Re: What ever happened with... (past 808 fans)

Postby McBain » 23 Apr 2011 07:56

hey 808'ers.. McBain here alive and kicking. Great to see the forum is still alive, sorry for kinda fizzling out on you lot!

I have Markus on fb and still kept an eye on 808state.com, and of course I bought all the remaster doubles.

I'm going down to Inigo2 tonight for the Orb/Lone/808djs gig, will be wearing a White aphex twin logo t-shirt so if you spot me say hello!

Hope everyone is keeping ok and life's been treating well!
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