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Post by Pete » 19 Jul 2002 18:04

Awesome - been playing it continous for a few days - loving it more than ever!

please please keep Cobra Bora & Donkey Doctor in the LIVE set!!!

c u on 3rd August (what will i be wearing?)

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Post by Mark » 19 Jul 2002 20:28

I am really gutted about Aug 3rd, I suppose I do have a consolation of a week in Benidorm. You guys talking about it all the time is realy upsetting me!!!

Anyway I've been listening to 90 loads recently too, My new gaff is bigger and Cobra Bora rocks in my living room big time.

Castlefield = Techno City?

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 20 Jul 2002 09:14

90's my fave 808 album; although it's short, it seems to have an 'aura' (?) and highly electronic sound, whilst still remaining emotive in the best techno tradition. It never sounded particularly 'ravey/dancefloor' compared to the house and proto-hardcore the DJs were playing at the time, and had a maturity and sense of discovery that few club tracks can portray.

It's best listened to start-to-finish in one go, as the order of the tracks and the way they flow into each other is near perfection. I'd say that on average, i've listened to 90 once a week for the past 12/13 years and have never grown tired. It hasn't dated because it's an original work of art and will remain timeless like a Picasso or Motzart!!!!!! :wink:

Soz, I'll get down off the high horse now, shall I?!!!

There are numerous 'moments' on the album, but my fave has to be the end of Cobra Bora with the soaring Moog lines, fading into Pacific. Or maybe it's the expansive atmospherics at the beginning of Sunrise...f***'s all ace! :smile:


Post by Souflex » 22 Jul 2002 12:47

90 is my fav album also. Favourite moment is Donkey Doctor screaming to a halt to be hit by 808080808, I swear I saw the moooon!:D


Post by Souflex » 22 Jul 2002 12:49


smile ya bas....!

Bob State 88
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Post by Bob State 88 » 02 Aug 2002 01:52

Wow - I could gush over 90 all day.

Funny cos I got into Ex:El first but 90 is the most coherent - it's a standout album all round.

The end of 808080808, so many moments in Ancodia and Cobra Bora - all these years on and it still makes the hairs stand on end.

When I was at the GMEX there was a guy with a goldfish shirt on - was this an official bit of merchandise or just a cool fan thing?

Damn, I love the state of 808. Oh and by the way - hello to all on the board - I'm an 808 fan since 91 but this is my first post - sorry I'm a bit late.......

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Post by PHILTERFORM » 11 Aug 2002 13:43

donkey doctor kicks like a mule in other words it rocks

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