Gerald moaning

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Gerald moaning

Post by markus » 03 Feb 2006 23:07

The article is interesting reading at first, and you think you are getting an interesting insight in how Acid House started in Manchester. But then, in his own words, he goes into moaning mode. Note how the quality of the writing deteriorates as the text progresses (love the 808 Sate). Probably written late at night. The abrupt end leaves you with a feeling of "and your point is?" Is there going to be a part 2?

I really respect Gerald, for his music and as a person since I met him. But at this moment I am thinking: Will the words on his tombstone read "I did not get paid"?

It's 18 years ago now, it's been documented time and time again. Gerald in past interviews has said that all that is behind him. So why again? What next, is Gerald going to prevent Quadrastate from being re-released?

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. What are everyone else's thoughts on this?

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Post by Pete » 03 Feb 2006 23:45

i look forward to nick's views :)

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Post by SteveC » 04 Feb 2006 13:09

I don't know of any band that stops playing a song because a member of the band has left who had an input on that track.

Get real Gerald, you left on your own accord, should a computer programmer leave a company to go elsewhere does he request that company can no longer use the software he has created, no, he just gets another job and continues his work.

I believe Graham was mostly responsible for Cubik, did he release this under his own name, no, but 808s name as it is a collective effort, all the band were creating differing sounds and tracks and releasing them under the same name.

If you decided to bugger off and not negotiate your terms while with the band then any material constructed when you were together had every right to be released in whatever form with or without you.

808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army » 04 Feb 2006 16:56

I think it is very sad that this is all being dragged up again. As Markus mentioned, Gerald has said that it was all behind him.

I suppose if he is fed up with bread and water he could always eat the big chip on his shoulder. :P

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Post by halva » 04 Feb 2006 18:08

Gerald is pulling 808 State's name through the dirt, when really this is a personal issue between him and Martin Price, who left 808 State fourteen years ago!

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Post by Mark » 04 Feb 2006 21:01

Have to agree, sounds like Gerald is a little bitter about Martin, certainly more than Graham, but really, does he have to make a personal feud into an 808 State thing? Yeah he didn't get paid blah blah blah...... but surely for Newbuild and Prebuild to be re-released he has put the problems past him? (but of course he would have been paid for this - probably upfront!) Lets hope that this doesn't effect a potential Quadrastate release. I can appreciate he's a little annoyed, and his music is great, but he's gotta stop making this an 808 State problem, like Halva says, Martin left the group an eternity ago.

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Post by nickking » 05 Feb 2006 02:55

As long as Quadrastate is reissued in the future, that's all that counts! :)
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Post by PeteZarustica » 05 Feb 2006 03:19

I'm a great fan of 808 State and I like AGCG's work. I respect him and I understand things are not always the way they should be. What I really think is that is sad that a great artist like Gerald don't have the projection that he deserves. And it's not a point of who's done what in Pacific anymore - I think he's just too bitter. I'm sure that if his work now was successful - not only comercially, but also well played and respected (and remebered) - he'd let it go.

On a related subject, why do remix a&rs' keep hiring these 6 month fame producers who ALWAYS do stupid remixes for great names and then disappear. Why not inviting AGCG, 808State, Renegade SoundWave - OK, DragonBass, etc etc etc... Why do we have to end up with lousy remixes from people that won't ever do anything else again? Ok I know I bring it up a lot, but just imagine Killer's new single - remixes by Gerald Simpson.

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Post by riz » 05 Feb 2006 13:28

The whole thing seems to be more complicated than anyone could ever imagine. I respect all what's been said already on this topic and I agree to quite a lot of the views mentioned.

But we weren't there or involved the time when it happened, so we can only have a very limited judgement, based on legends we picked up somewhere or having the story told by the involved many years later...

The article itself gives us only one side of the story. And I must admit, as an artist myself, getting the feeling of being ripped off by friends or colleagues is hard to take. And Gerald feels ripped off, true or not. Point. Having no other income, earning money is more important to an artist as we can imagine. Saying it once is ok, but repeating it x-times in about two pages of text is not necessary.

The question is, with all due respect:
If I get it right, Gerald poses himself as the absolute and only pioneer of Acid and House a.s.o., showing Graham and Martin how to do it.

I find that hard to believe, since all the techBla-techniques Gerald describes were nothing new by that time, it is technology from the seventies. It also sounds like Gerald was the first one in the UK to own a 303 and so on...

I never met Gerald personally, but after this article my mind is stuck with an image of a self-overestimating Gerald. I hope I'm wrong and get to know better someday...

I love Geralds music and Voodoo Ray is one of my all time favourites. He was a pioneer... besides others.

Though I think I understand why he brings it up again. Hard feelings never go away easy, if ever. Sometimes you think, it's all behind, but then somehow it strikes you again. I don't think, Gerald would let it go if he ever got all the credits he deserved. It's more about how deeply he was hurt and some scars never go away.

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Post by Pob » 05 Feb 2006 19:03

Does Gerald get paid now?
Does he have records released?
Does he have a following?
Is he credited with one of the best house / dance records of all time?

The answer to all these questions is YES.

So what's his problem? He needs to give it a rest and use his energy to create intelligent top notch tunes.

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Post by markus » 09 Feb 2006 20:39

Gerald has updated the text with many interesting links.

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