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Postby Pete » 04 Aug 2002 18:50

star date = Sat 3rd Aug 2002.

location = Castlefield Manchester.

crew attended = Markus, Nick King, John Ancodia, Carlos & Myself (Pete).

other attractions in the area = GMex, Eastern Bloc & MUSEUM OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (where the Star Trek Exhibition was held).

Highlights of day = Meeting Graham b4 gig, seeing Graham in Homelife Live Set & of Course 808 rocking Manchester BIG TIME.

tracks 808 played = Doctors & Nurses, Cobra Bora, Lemon Soul (with Guy Garvey), In Yer Face, Boogieman, Wheatstraw, Pacific, 606 (with Simian), Long Orange, QUINCY & Cubik.

loudest crowd reactions = Cobra Bora, In Yer Face, Pacific, Cubik & would u believe it QUINCY (they loved it)!

departure = left manchester after Midnight, arrived home safely at 4am - ROCK ON TOMMY!

ps - who were the 2 guys beside me in 808state t-shirts (1 in Ex:El & the other in Black with name & logo on front & the psychoecstatic text from New Build on back) - was it Rich the Donkey Doctor???

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Postby nickking » 04 Aug 2002 23:28

Another great gig, shame that all hotels were fully booked up, and I couldn't stay on Saturday night to enjoy some of the numerous after show parties that were being held after the gig...

Anyway, shouts out to both Pete & Carlos for going out of their way to give me a lift up there and back, and for the top 808 tracks that Pete had on minidisc to make the journey feel a lot shorter than it actually was! :grin:

Weather superb (no rain in Manchester - shame about the rest of the country!), and we managed to catch both Homelife (it will take a bit of getting used to - must listen to their album a lot more - very jazzy/funky).

Shouts out also to John Ancodia, Markus, and Graham for joining us for a couple of beers in the Castlefield hotel, even though that did mean we missed A Certain Ratio!

The gig itself went down a storm with the Manchester faithful, previewing two new vocal tracks from the album featuring Simian and Guy Garvey (from Elbow) on vocals, although the words were somewhat llow in volume, so I'll have to reserve judgement when the album finally makes an appearance. And Quincy, the penultimate track - everybody went mental - must get round to playing that more often, and glad it's going to be on the Japanese version of Output Transmissions.

Yup, State Trek was superb - can't wait for both Jon's and Markus' photos of the gig!

Captain's log, star date 4/8/02!


Nick :wink:

(BTW, check out ... 15424.html - some more news on the gig - maybe they'll post a review there, eventually)

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Postby Ancodia » 05 Aug 2002 10:37

Indeed a bit shout out to all at the event Markus, Nick, Pete, Carlos and new forum member Scruffy Penis. Still a bit dazed by the whole event, three fun packed days of 808 State has just overwhelmed me. I'll post a bit of a report later but just thought I'd let you know I took around 200+ photos ranging from the Sound Check to On-Stage, Back-Stage and the Hospitality Area. I think it's enough to say that, as I predicted 808 did indeed Rock like Bastards!!!! :smile:
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Postby nickking » 05 Aug 2002 12:43

Scruffy Penis/shower?

Am I missing something here??! :???:

Good grief, must have drunk way too much!!


Nick :wink:
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Postby nickking » 05 Aug 2002 17:04

Unless it was that guy sitting round the table?? :grin:

Anyway, check out ... 16036.html for a review of the gig - there's also a piccy of Graham there on stage.

(Of course the above article mentions that 808's new album is called Homelife! Oh well, you can't have everything!)


Nick :wink:

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Postby Ancodia » 05 Aug 2002 19:32

Got my photos earlier, and there are some excellant shots, I'll have to wean them down from the 200 odd. Have to say sorry to Nick for leaving him with Scruffy Penis, but if the guy didn't shut up I was gonna get soaked! John :wink:
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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 05 Aug 2002 23:47

Sadly, 808state's Tartan Army was unable to invade Manchester because my folks were on holiday and I had to look after the house, walk the mutt etc :wink: Ahh! What a Magical Dream that was. The Femme Deluxe in question didn't oblige :wink: It sounds like it was a damned good night, hope all that were there enjoyed themselves and i'll hopefully catch up with you all at another Star Trek convention - WHOOPS! - 808state gig soon:) While i'm here i'd like to wish Graham happy birthday, hope you get a gig-free evening soon so you can go out and get completely pished. Can't wait for Outpost Transmission, roll on next month.

Cya later :smile:

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Postby Rich The Donkey Doctor » 06 Aug 2002 09:26

Pete - I wish it had been me larging it in Castlefield...unfortunately work committments prevented me travelling up to MCR. I would have said 'alright' as well!

Couple of questionz:

What was the new material like, and how did the crowd react?
If 808 are touring this new album, what kind of venues are they looking to play, and can they please visit the Midlands!?

Just bought a purple Happy Mondays/808 State Gmex poster from 1990 - I used to have a T shirt with the same print, but the old dear nicked it for a duster!
Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Postby markus » 16 Aug 2002 09:01

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Postby Souflex » 17 Aug 2002 19:16

I'm back home!!!

After a 7 week stint in asia I am ready to hear the facts about what actually happened in manchester with 808 playin new material!

So far I have heard no attempt at a descrption of the new it to complicated to tell??

What like is the tune with Guy Garvey?? Similar to Lopez?? COME ON! let me/us know, I want to hear a description of every new track that was played that night!

Is it a jazz trip? I have a feelin it is similar to homelife material.....true or false?? Let me know please!

The photo's are excellent! Good on yer J McBrideeee!
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Postby SteveC » 21 Aug 2002 23:15

Sounded a top night.

Did Eric perform with his fan ?
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Postby markus » 22 Aug 2002 22:47

No Eric on stage this time, I think the Glasgow gig was a unique appearance of him...
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Postby markusarnold » 25 Aug 2002 23:43

I've updated the Castlefield page with more details of the gig. I'm afraid I'm not very good at those 'official' reports. I prefer the telegram style of this forum, so here's a brief report of the rest of my Manc weekend:

On Thursday 1 August I made my way to the Night & Day cafe to catch DJ Massey and Homelife. Truly wonderful set by Graham in which he mixed anything from Salsa to Acid House from 1988. He shamelessly dropped 'Techno City' (new version) between easy listening tunes. I was particularly amused when it was time for Homelife to come on and the DJ threw on 'Flow Coma' (AFX mix) while they were tuning their instruments. The temperature of the small club rose to an almost unbearable stage as Homelife rocked the place with their unique blend of Jazz, World and weirdness.

Then on Friday I made my way to Castlefield for the 808 State soundcheck. Met up with John McBride and before the soundcheck there was time for a few beers with Graham. John and I felt rather privileged enjoying an 808 State 'gig', with just us present! Then in the evening it was off to Bar Glass, where 808 were going to be interviewed by the BBC Commonwealth Games TV channel. After three hours of waiting and many a drink, the 1 minute interview took place...

Saturday, the big day. Big meetup with the Star Trek posse, namely Graham Massey, Nick King, Pete & Carlos. Because the ("that's the sound of the") police wanted the event to finish at 11:30pm, all bands were moved forward 30 minutes, meaning I missed ACR. Oh well. Enjoyed Homelife, though they weren't as good as on Thursday, they obviously were missing a few string players.

Before 808 came on, John and I managed to get backstage which provided some familiar faces from back in the days: Fonzo (ex 808 live MC), Rowetta (Happy Mondays), Nicky Lockett (aka MC Tunes). However none of these were going to be onstage, bar Fonzo (who somehow got hold of a mic) for a quick intro and outro. Also no Eric Barker, no Livewire. My 808 gig report is at .
A really perfect gig in my opinion, even though no Techno City this time. This was a day to remember, the last time I saw such an energetic 808 and crowd must have been at erm, Castlefield (1996). Incidentally, there is a possibility for a gig in London later this year and Manchester at the end of the year. A tour doesn't look likely until the new year.

But the day wasn't over yet, there was still the VIP party over at Barca with the 808 DJs. It was a bit chaotic and it wasn't until late that Darren actually started. It was quite mad with Fonzo providing dancing on tables and Livewire in trance. Daz must have played for about an hour and just as Andy took over, the place had to shut (3am, I seem to remember).

Sunday, and yes, another Homelife gig. This time in Manchester City centre. A strange location that attracted passers-by tourists and people doing their Sunday shopping. However it went down pretty well and Graham enjoyed himself (it was his Birthday too). A final few beers with John & Graham, and a legendary weekend was over…

Thanks to everyone.

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Postby stephen » 26 Aug 2002 23:15

I spot a Moog Prodigy and a Minimoog.
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Postby markus » 28 Aug 2002 12:08

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