808 in the 90s.

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808 in the 90s.

Post by dmp » 13 Jul 2006 10:25

I finally got round to downloading some of the Sunset radio shows the other day... brilliant, lots of those tunes brought back loads of happy memories.

M/cr must have been some place to be in the 90s, with all the bands, and the 808 DJs presenting a radio show every week! Up here we never had a show like that, although we were blessed with Slam and the Sub Club.

Listening to the Sunset shows, I was wondering if maybe these contributed to 808 not doing much between ex:el and Gorgeous? (because presumably Darren and Andy were so busy on the radio). And what did Graham do during this period apart from the odd remix?

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Post by graham » 13 Jul 2006 15:54

i seem to remember between ex el and gorgeous as the busiest time of our career we toured a lot and ran the buisness side of things which is a lot of work moved and rebuilt studios-records also take longer as you run out of initial enthusiasm and start having to rethink wht you do,or you just make the same rcord over and over
The radio thing was pretty on the fly all improvised and on th e spot.

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Post by dmp » 13 Jul 2006 16:07

Cheers Graham!

By the way I wasn't having a go there or trying to be a tw@t, it's just that that period of time is when I first got really into 808 State in a big way, and for ages and ages I remember waiting and waiting for a new release. In those days, before the interweb etc., it was much harder to get news of what was happening so I suppose maybe people didn't appreciate how much the band were up to when not putting out vinyl.

It wasn't helped by having to watch a plethora of talentless and over-hyped acts 'take over' the scene at the same time, with their repetitive, unimaginative nonsense.

Still, you're right, cos I'd much rather wait 2 years and then get something like Pacific or Bombadin than have a release every 5 minutes that sounded like D:Ream or Ultrasonic or something.

All the best.

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Post by Pob » 14 Jul 2006 12:40

There was a lot going on at that time and the wait between albums was only 3 years. Which, as you say dmp, is not a long time to wait for quality. Imagine waiting 7 years and getting something with only 3 good tracks on it - like the Prodigy.

I always find it interesting to hear what the boys were up to. It helps us to build up a picture of how influential and successful they really were. Especially when you consider they were 'only' a dance band.

Top question.

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Post by Mark » 15 Jul 2006 00:36

3 years is not a major gap, some artists can belt out an album every two years or so. Personally I'd rather have quality rather than quantity.

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