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Postby PHILTERFORM » 11 Aug 2002 13:52

what gear did you use on this track .was a waldorf used?
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Postby graham » 12 Aug 2002 22:29

No waldorf ,martin ran off with it when he left, lotsa of jd 800 ,new keyboard of the moment,all over that album, bass clarinet and alto clarinet ,alesis drum machine ,korg wave station,.theres lots of waldorf on the new album
butr the orange one ,microwave..I did use the waldorf a lot on ex el ,Cubik has a lot
the main riff, the dr who line,San Francisco opening riff,I borrowed a waldorf Q for a while recently and really got on with it,Im also fond of the ppg wave vst plug in which is similar, for textural work. im having a jx8p revival as well very prominant on EXEL As pads and bass,Ive just got a dx 100 which is cute for presets but i cant seem to get any where programing it. my fave programme of the moment is ableton live,coming up with some radicle beats on that
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Postby riz » 13 Aug 2002 08:48

ableton live rocks. I did two live gigs with it, works absolutely great, no crashes or freeze. Still, some things and features should be added and optimized.

can't wait to get version 2.0
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Postby PHILTERFORM » 18 Aug 2002 00:57

have you tried the dx200 ,lots of realtime control,also comes with bundled software for more detailed progging of lfo's ive got one and it squeels? like a pig ,its got a sequencer onboard but is only useful for 1 bar! nice distortion effects .i managed to the sound from the start of m.jackons hit 'thriller' out of it (then again so might have someone else)
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