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Postby hargy » 13 Aug 2002 13:31

I don't know if anyone has been to the website.

They re-press and re-release deleted vinyl covering a large range of musical styles, from Dance to Raggae and so on.

Each release is exceptionally well packaged and pressed onto 180 gram vinyl (thats heavy man) and so the sound quality of the recordings is as good as it gets on that format.

My suggestion to the State, is that they consider using simply vinyl for their previously deleted vinyl versions of their music starting with the albums. They do re-release singles too. I think Ex-el or 80890 would be good choices as classic albums of the early dance period.

If Outpost Transmission is not going to be available on vinyl from the record label then a lot more interest in the album could be developed through using simply vinyl as the manufacturer and distributer.
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Postby markus » 19 Aug 2002 16:14

Good idea. Just noticed they've done Pacific & Cubik! ... ate&id=545
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Postby hargy » 19 Aug 2002 18:45

Thats mad - I hadn't noticed their excellent choices. Come on Graham - there is real scope here for re-releasing your music without removing the market value for the original pressings, allowing us to increase our State collections.

As For "Outpost.." - it needs a vinyl release. There must be loads of good tunes on the album, well worthy of being in a DJ set - we cant play that which doesn't spin on a technics!!
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Postby nickking » 25 Aug 2002 20:23

You mean that the new Pacific/Cubik 12" is official?

Cool, will have to go and get it now!


Nick :wink:
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Postby markus » 01 Nov 2002 10:18

Well Hargy, your suggestion seems to have been taken seriously, see the news section!
Having said that, did anyone else get the Pacific Cubik 12" on Simply Vinyl? I was appalled by the bad quality of mastering. They obviously took the b-side off ex:el as you can hear Lambrusco Cowboy coming in at the end and the intro is pretty lovelessly mastered too (not all of the guitar riff is on). I even wonder if it was mastered off a vinyl copy, as it's very crackly! Unless the vinly of the new 12" is very crackly, it doesn't look like it... Other views?
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re issues

Postby graham » 01 Nov 2002 11:25

As for re releasing the ztt material it would be up to them,I believe they
must have had something to do with the pacific /cubik thing
If you create a demand on ztts webb site that would help..
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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 03 Nov 2002 17:07

You have thought that they could have found a CD to master it from. Ex:El is a bad album to take individual tracks like Cubik from because In Yer Face runs into Cubik then Lambrusco Cowboy starts straight after Cubik finishes with out any break. They clearly hadn't done their homework :x How does Pacific sound, is that ok?
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