Live Sets (Sheffield 28/06/1990 & Osaka 31/05/1993)

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Re: Live Sets (Sheffield 28/06/1990 & Osaka 31/05/1993)

Postby Pete » 22 Nov 2008 17:30

BADGERMAN wrote:Just been listening 2 sets by 808 and I was wondering do these exist in better quality recordings?:

Sheffield 28/06/07 (Medium Quality):

Intro (Blues Bros?)
1. Cobra Bora
2. Olympic State (with Graham on Clarinet!)
3. TSTA (Mc Tunes)
4. NIAIH (Mc Tunes)
5. In Yer Face
6. Boneyween
7. Donkey Doctor
8. TORTB (Mc Tunes)
9. Cubik
10.Pacific State (Sounds like Optical live version-with Graham doing a stuttery Clarinet at the end)

just heard it all the way thru at last - martin says Boneyween is a cross between Halloween and Boney M - mmmm !

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