MC Tunes (& Hit Squad)

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MC Tunes (& Hit Squad)

Postby nickking » 07 Aug 2007 18:08

As the YouTube thread was starting to go off-topic, I'd thought I'd start this one (couldn't find an appropriate similar one to continue).

Just a quick question:

Has anyone watched "Diary Of A Bad Lad" (recent film featuring Tunes and apparently a new song on the soundtrack)?

Oh, and on a HitSquad MCR-related question this is MC Shine (aka DJ Shine)'s Myspace site

"MCing,DJing,Graffiti,Breaking & Popping got me involved wid my first crew Broken Glass the very first B-boy crew in Manchester,rehearsing in the Hacienda before any-one ever heard of it. Not long after...rap music was gettin bigger & i started developing my Beatbox & Rhyming skills,i hooked up wid my friend & schoolmate Nicky Lockett A.K.A M.C.Tunes & we both started tekkin it very serious,cos being an apprentice engineer wasn't really what i had my mind set on being. We both joined local DJ & Promoter Johnny Jay's infamous Rock Da House Crew alongside M.C.Buzz B & Prince Cool,touring all the under 18 clubs of England tearing it up,Manchesters "Gallery" being one of them,happy days! Our first proper gig was at the Boardwalk,March '87(still got the flyer) as part of a collective called Hitsquad MCR alongside A Guy Called Gerald & Spin Masters,which eventually split,metamorphisized & formed into 808 State."


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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 09 Aug 2007 15:31

nickking wrote:
808state's Tartan Army wrote:Brilliant, thanks.

Surely the dated music adds to it? :D

What hapened to the second album, did it even get to the promo stage?

I believe that if you got in touch with the site (don't believe it still exists?), they did offer to send a copy of the second album to those that asked... Unfortunately, I never did... :x

I tried the website but, sadly, it no longer exists. :(

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Postby solarex » 09 Aug 2007 20:12

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