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Ohh... Sounds like It would be great to have both..

Post by Rayla » 03 Nov 2007 17:44

I've been loking on ebay for a juno 106 the ones they have list have problems with them.

I see juno 2 or 6..proably not good. I feel like bad though I sold my Jx-8p for rent and food money.. I did love those sounds The Strings and especial the Bell sound on Olympic.. I had a mixed tape I did a long time ago With Contrique Controll on it (wonderful bell sound), and my brother needed a ride and he is a singer song writter and so against Any form of electronic music, but he was in my car and he had to deal with the music I was playing. .But even he liked that song.

Now I am in a better Finacial situation. So I can buy without having to sell it off.

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