808s music on TV

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808s music on TV

Post by SteveC » 26 Jan 2008 17:21

Couldn't find a topic for this so thought I'd make one up for any times that 808's music appears in adverts or tv programmes.

It's a great feeling watching a programme when suddenly 808 starts playing, the same feeling you get when you log onto here to see an announcement that 808 are to play live.

I was watching "The Convention Crasher" on C4 on Thursday when suddenly 'In Yer Face' started playing. I thought my dvd player had turned itself on cos the music didn't seem to fit in with what was going on in the programme. Maybe Justin Lee Collins is a fan.

As it's usually 'Pacific' thats played this was more of a surprise. People often say Pacific State when it was actually the 202 version. Pacific State is the original Quadrastate version which WAS played on Dragons Den last year.

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Post by solarex » 28 Jan 2008 08:44

Around 92-93 and again 96-98 a weekly music show on Denmarks Radio P3 radio with talk'n features had 808 State in the intro. Early it was San Fransisco and Lift, I think. That is from memory, as I do not have a recording of that. Later it was Banacheq. Quite interesting as that particular show was about rock music.

However, while covering all types of rock music from heavy to indie they also featured the likes of Underworld, The Aloof and Orbital. I once contacted the host Jan Laursen and apparently he'd really enjoyed Ex:El and 808 State. Hence their usage.

I have a recording of the Banacheq intro right here. The show was named Beat and it is from 1998. (The initial bleep is the end of the news outro jingle)


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Post by solarex » 10 Feb 2008 10:02

They used it on a TV show too. It is watchable on Danmarks Radio website, as they run polls for what archieved material they should make available as entire shows.


Select 82. TILT (1997).

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Post by markus » 10 Feb 2008 12:34

Nice :)

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Post by dee3 » 10 Feb 2008 13:30

Hear-hear: 82. TILT (1997) - vote now...!

(Men hvor helvede er "De Skrigende Halse" henne...?! Ikk' no'et at sige til at DR er på røven...!) :wink:

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