Steve 10-minute remix of 'Massagerama'

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Steve 10-minute remix of 'Massagerama'

Post by 'Steve' »

Yo 808-ers!

At the moment I'm sorting out an album with Firstcask (Ceephax, Luke Vibert etc) and one tune I've done recently is a remix of the huge acid classic 'Massagerama'. The Firstcask guys love it (though not sure how it would be released, not on the album maybe as a one off...Graham - how would licensing work for this?), and as a result I've decided to show it to you guys to see what you think of it!:

Note: A while ago (when I was musically uneducated...) I did some pretty weak re-edits of 808 tunes, this is in a completely different vein! Tried to get a modern acid-techno vibe going on.

Hope you enjoy it! Happy 08/08/08!! :)

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Post by markus »

On the experimental tip, nice one!

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