new tunes from Martin Price and Tunes

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new tunes from Martin Price and Tunes

Post by stonehard » 16 Sep 2002 08:20

I went to Bolton at the weekend and found Martin.
well to cut a long story short I asked about his new work and he told me that he was laying down some new tracks with Tunes and Mick the Guitar Player.

I got to meet Mick who is a real nice guy and they played me three tunes that were nearly ready. Seems that the reason Martin went away was to get his head clean of all the tecnical crap that money success and owning a studio puts there and worked hard to find the roots of what he helped to start with 808.

The lates tunes are raw and very in your face. Created with the minimum of technology and written to do just one thing, They make you want to kick off.

I was given copies of the tracks and have been playing them solid in my car all weekend. They are good. Ask nicely and I might send some clips too you

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