90, EX:el, Gorgeous & Don Solaris Deluxe CDs Feedback

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90, EX:el, Gorgeous & Don Solaris Deluxe CDs Feedback

Postby markus » 31 Aug 2008 22:51

Feedback, praise, rants, links to press coverage etc. for the deluxe bonus CDs (Japanese as well as UK) in this topic please.
Previous discussions here:
http://www.808state.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1410 (bonus proposals)
http://www.808state.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2015 (Jap bonus discs)
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Postby IanPeel » 03 Sep 2008 17:40

The first ten items...

ireallylovemusic, 08.08.08
"808 on 080808"

The Stranger, 08.08.08

Drowned In Sound, 08.08.08
"808 State in town tonight, announce deluxe reissues"

Electric Roulette, 11.08.08
"808 State: Four LPs remastered and reissued!"
http://www.electricroulette.com/2008/08 ... -four.html

Simon Reynolds' Energy Flash Blog, 19.08.08
Archive clippings "in honor of imminent deluxe reissues"
http://energyflashbysimonreynolds.blogs ... -post.html

Stella Vista, 21.08.08
"Sexy Synthesizers: 808 State Luxury Re-Issues"
http://destinyclontz.blogspot.com/2008/ ... ry-re.html

Resident Advisor, 22.08.08
"808 State gets reissued in '08"

FACT Magazine, 22.08.08
"808 State re-issues"
http://www.factmagazine.co.uk/index.php ... &Itemid=26

Electric Roulette, 22.08.08
"4x808 (Reviews of four separate 808 State Reissues)"
http://www.electricroulette.com/2008/08 ... ews-o.html

Side-Line, 26.08.08
"808 State release 4 best-known albums as 2CD packages"
http://www.side-line.com/news_comments. ... 91_0_2_0_C
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Postby Rodders » 04 Sep 2008 22:07

i love this quote from the Electric Roulette review: "..and the absolutely beserk 'Marathon' which may never be accurately reviewed." :)
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Postby IanPeel » 05 Sep 2008 18:38

Record Collector:

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Postby IanPeel » 05 Sep 2008 18:39


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Postby nickking » 05 Sep 2008 21:02

Off-topic, here's that Eden Ahbez LP (it sold for $150):


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Postby karnsculpture » 06 Sep 2008 21:30

Old 808 fan, been out of touch in the last couple of years and visited here after seeing the piece in Record Collector and wanted to find out more.

Really excited about these remasters/re-issues even though I probably have most of the tracks already. It will be great to have some of the earlier tracks in better quality as the late 80s/early 90s CD's sound a bit flat now.

808 State have a special place in my heart; I was really into ZTT and they signed to the label, then to cap it all they did the remixes for Y.M.O. members.. those were some of the best mixes, taking the best aspects of the original tracks and treating the tunes with respect.

What a month - first the long awaited Blancmange remasters and now 808 State!
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Postby IanPeel » 15 Sep 2008 20:21

Loving the Blancmange remasters.

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Postby IanPeel » 19 Sep 2008 11:51

Reviews confirmed today to appear in the next issue of Nude Magazine

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Postby markus » 25 Sep 2008 15:58

Feedback here.
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Postby IanPeel » 25 Sep 2008 18:23

Yes, feedback here...

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Postby IanPeel » 25 Sep 2008 18:25

And advert here...

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Postby Mark » 26 Sep 2008 21:38

Well, had my first listen tonight.

The remasters sound glorious. Like having an old friend round for a few pints!!!!

We all know about the bonus tracks on the b-sides such as Boneyween, Ski Family, Mondonet, Chisler etc.... However I've done a quick review of the unreleased material on the albums.


Have to be honest and say I'm a little disappointed with the bonus material here, I was when the line-up was announced and listening to it does not change my mind.

The only 3 real new tracks are Pacific (Britmix) Donkey Doctor (Gmex mix) and Magical dream (Instrumental)

The Pacific mix is good, definately worth having and reminds me of all the different Pacific mixes perhaps somehow mashed together, I do like it but would have preferred a more radically remixed version.

Donkey Doctor does not sound all that different to the original to me? Bascially I don't think anything is greatly altered from the 90 version, other than the track seems slightly edited - a big let down as it's one of my fave tracks from 90.

The Magical dream instrumental is really nice - the removing of the vocal turns the track into an altogether different piece. The bassline seems slightly more beefed and there's a groovier feel to it.

Altogether considering we get 3 tracks from Utd State 90 a bit of a shame. the new mixes of Pacific and Magical Dream don't do enough to save it for me (as a long term 808 fan) and I felt a bit gutted.


I love the State to Pan Am version of Cubik, it's immense, kind of reminds me of a mix between the version on state to state and also the pan am mix.
Nice to see one of my favourite early b-sides Ski Family included and I'm pleased Open your mind made the final cut.

The Cheadle Royal mix of In Yer Face is pretty pointless as it brings nothing new to the table, it just sounds slightly re-hashed.

The unreleased mix of Olympic is nothing majorly new either.

Again, a bit of a let down for me, I know there is a lack of 'new' material but I would have hoped the remixes were quite different instead of re-hashed versions of the originals.


Much better! Although we've already had Freak and Insane Lover on 12" I love these tracks and it's great to hear them on CD!

The Oberheim 4 mix of Lemon is not a massive departure from the original but it bangs away quite nicely, the inclusion of more acidic squelches make it sound trippy. Makes me want to go to the supermarket and bite into a nice juicy Lemon (and I don't like Lemons!!!)

Ice cream on Elm Street is fantastically strange, Its basically a remix of sexy synthesizer - and I like it much more than the original, It's weird but in a good way, with a bit more of a harder edge than the original it includes an ice-cream van tinkling tune which wouldn't sound out of place in a horror film (hence the title?)

The unreleased edit of Bombadin is not like the barta edit which was dancefloor orientated - it's more like the original quica version, there don't seem to be too many differences and it has that tribal feel to it - like you should be dancing round a fire waving a pointy stick and yelling some strange noises. Not worth the inclusion for me.

Jackson Fraction (Jaco Taco mix) is quite a bit different to the state to state version - it has the same beat but has a different, less funky, more updated feel for me, I like it (as I do the original) and it has subtle differences all the way through it with a few aah-aaah's thrown in for good measure.

It's been a while since I heard it (as it's not my favourite 808 track by any means) but I think the Oldham mix of Timebomb is the same as the unique mix on the Timebomb promo? If not it seems very similar with a heftier beat than the original - much better but still not enough to elevate it from near the bottom of my 808 pile. Sounds like an effort to hit the dancefloor market.

Plan 9 is a great track and I really like the Memory Moog mix it keeps the feel of the original but cranks it up with a great bassline. one of the best tracks on Gorgeous with too few mixes unlike 10x10. Definately a winner.

I have to be honest and say i'm not fussed on Nbambi, and the March Hare mix is virtually similar to the April Showers version - unless I'm missing something???

All in all very good, My least favourite 808 album, but some winners on the bonus disc especially the inclusion of the disco tinged Freak and Insane Lover and the addition of the compilation only Mondonet and b-side Reaper Repo. However the inclusion of Nbambi was pointless, and I don't think that Timebomb needed a similar version of what is already a weaker track.

Don Solaris.

Easily my favourite 808 album - Slightly disappointed again that we get Goa, Chisler, Bonded and Paradan (But I have to be objective and remember I'm an 808 collector - these are additions for newbies and people who never got the albums first time round)

Anyway, The Fonphone mix of Spanish Marching is good and it's great to see it included here as it's a great 808 track. Not wildly different to the versions we've already heard but well worth being added to the bonuses.

Similarly the cajun mix of Baton Rouge doesn't stray too far from what we've already had but the fact that this was a complilation only track means it's great to have it included here.

Once again, The part one version of Mondays isn't a million miles away from the original, however it's a really good track and stands up quite well when you compare it to its counterparts on Don Solaris.

The Mix of Relay is ok, nothing outstanding and I think it deserves to be there somewhere, because I like the track and again it goes well with DS.

Good bonus CD to have with Don Solaris and listening overall (due to the lack of remixes of DS tracks) the inclusion of the compliation only tracks makes it a great 2-disc listen. The superb and super-rare Sure is Pure remix of Joyrider is practically worth the money alone. I suppose although we've had the likes of Goa and Bonded as b-sides they do fit very well with DS and listening to the bonus stuff has only heightened my opinion that this is 808's best work.

As a foursome I feel that as a lifelong 808 listener there isn't enough here for me to get too excited. There's relatively little in the way of new material and too many b-sides. The compliation tracks are good inclusions that do stand well with the albums however none seem wildly different from the originals, and I have to say that the 90 and Ex:el bonus discs aren't as good as the Gorgeous and Don Solaris efforts, mainly due to the fact that they lack the b-side and compilation tracks to sit along with them and show a transitional 808 between albums.

I suppose I sound a bit ungrateful and don't get me wrong - I hope that these albums reach a new and wider audience that gets excited the same way I did about 808. I would have bought the discs just for the remasters and they do include gems such as Insane Lover, Freak and the sure is pure mix of Joyrider. It's just simply there's not enough new stuff to get me that excited about the bonus discs. The globalstate exclusives and the State to state discs get me sonically aroused!

Roll on State to State 3 - however it's fantastic to hear the albums in better quality and they sound better than ever.
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Postby Pob » 27 Sep 2008 16:30

I love these new releases.

Firstly, the remastering is awesome. I have just compared San Fransisco back to back with the original release and the first thing I noticed was that it was much clearer and much, much louder. Oh, and apologies to Markus, it is 'You Must Follow' (as per this discussion).

Like Mark did, I think I'll comment on each CD separately.


Like Mark, I think the bonus tracks on here are disappointing for us. But then again, we're a bunch of saddos who collect everything. Ordinary punters who were into 808 back in the day probably won't have Utd State 90 and so Boneyween to Girlie Men will be most welcome. The Britmix of Pacific is very good. A new mix but still in the old style. I'm pleased to have finally got the Cobra Bora off Optical90 and I'm afraid, Mark, I'll have to disagree with you about Donkey Doctor. I think the new mix changes it's feel slightly and makes a little more mellow. I totally agree about Magical Dream - it is a new track. Very nice.


Again, punters who bought singles will have half of these tracks already but I'm made up to have another version of Lambrusco Cowboy and In Yer Face. Although I must say the Cheadle Royal mix of In Yer Face doesn't seem to flow as well as it should. It is almost like a fan mix. (Sorry).

I can't understand why Olympic is missing of the remaster since it was on the original CD.


Proof of my theory here - I never got Insane Lover, Freak or La Luz so there are three that most of you may have already but are totally new to me. In fact, I only had Mondonet and Marathon so there's 12 new tracks for me! And they're quality - I love every one.

Don Solaris

I got a totally new Don Solaris experience just by hearing the old one through headphones. So listening to a brand new remastered on through headphones must be ten times ten times ten times ten better. I will have to make some time for that.

Single collectors and Thermo King owners will only find a few new tracks here and the highlight of the lot has to be the Sure Is Pure mix of Joyrider - what a track!

What I like most about the bonus discs is the way they show the transition between albums. The 90 tracks are a case in point - showing the transition from Quadrastate.

Finally, I must tip my hat to Ian Peel for the sleeve notes. They were well written and just reading them made me want to turn up the volume and party like it was 1991!

Oh, and overall I got 28 new tracks. I'm made up! :D
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Postby Mark » 29 Sep 2008 08:56

Good review Pob.

It was a late night and I missed some of my review out - I totally missed Ex:el and don't know what happened to some of my paragraphs!!! I've now edited my original message to include what I'd missed!

For listeners like Pob it must have been great to get these as there will be so much stuff they have'nt got. Its just a shame in my opinion that some of the 'different' versions were very similar to the originals. I also had allof the b-side and compilation tracks so there was'nt anything totally new to me.

Still, I'm thrilled to have the originals remastered - they sound fab. Pob you're right San Francisco is amazing and Banacheq is a sonic dream!!!
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