They came from Manchester (BBC4 m/cr theme night)

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They came from Manchester (BBC4 m/cr theme night)

Postby markus » 05 Sep 2008 19:58


9:00 pm They Came from Manchester
Part of Manchester Night. A compilation of BBC studio performances from some the great Manchester bands, including Freddie and the Dreamers, The Hollies, 10CC, Joy Division and Oasis. [S]

10:00 pm Rock Family Trees
And God Created Manchester: Part of Manchester Night. A look at twenty years of the Manchester music scene featuring the Hacienda, The Happy Mondays, Joy Division/New Order and The Factory label. [S]

10:50 pm Factory: Manchester from Joy Division... Happy Mondays. Part of Manchester Night. Documentary celebrating the triumph and tragedy of Manchester record label Factory, the brain-child of five visionaries. Very strong language. [S]
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Postby markus » 11 Sep 2008 20:13

Did anyone see this? Quite nice the Madchester part kicking off with Stone Roses, then Mondays, then 808 State, followed by Gerald, mainly full length 'live' performances, mainly TOTP. Looks like 808 were filmed in a TV studio - The Other Side Of Midnight? During Pacific State it says "It is said that people crawled through the air shafts of the Hacienda to see them."

I'm unaware that 808 State ever played live at the Hac?
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Postby graham » 11 Sep 2008 22:35

i did nt see it ,but was it that late show clip thats just appeared on you tube..?
We did play the Hac itwas some key 103 night on a sunday..probably 89.
just 2 tunes i think.
seem to remember playing with Gerald at the hac on one occasion again 89
during my puffer jacket under dungerees fashion phase.
but the air shaft story origenates at the 2nd Gmex gig.. I witnessed that,
kids dropping into the toilets through the air conditioning.
Theres an acid House doc that was put together in the mid 90s that might have surfaced recently..mostly London scene,but I did an interview way back in some pub on theoutskirts of london and i think they might have some footage of the rave in a quarry in ibiza that we did.
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Postby markus » 11 Sep 2008 23:26

Oh yes, of course, sorry, indeed that Late Show from the youtube topic ... 2&start=45 . It's taken off that programme.
Also noticed you seem to be sporting two fanny bags Graham :)
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Postby the DJ » 22 Sep 2008 14:11

I saw Graham playing a Yamaha Wind Controller thingy in that Pacific video. I didn't know they even existed back in 1989. What model was that?
the DJ
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