Wow...I've not been here in years !

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Wow...I've not been here in years !

Postby pacific reefer » 14 Mar 2009 09:04

Hello 808ers..
Probably most of you won't even remember me. Markus might. There are a few of my fan mixes on the sounds page from a number of years ago.
I also did the 'Sonic Noodle Soup' zine with a Martin Price interview. I also managed to snag an interview with the most bizarre Rik Davis (formerly of Cybotron fame) and Lekrogirl from Rephlex label (though she gave me a right good lashing at the time)

Wow...not had my 808 records/cds out in a long time, though there have been plenty of mp3 plays.

So, what's changed for me since I logged in those years ago?

I'm a father to two girls. They keep us super busy of course, so not much time for anything creative. Even though I still have a couple of unfinished 808 mixes on the drive.
Busy with a home business and paying a mortgage.

MP3s have swamped the market in a big way since I was last here and it's a pity, because they're just not the same...I'll have to dig out my copy of the Quadrastate LP.

It's been so long, I have not even kept up with 808 releases of the last few years !

But, great to see that some things don't change. The orange and black of this site is welcome for aging eyes.

So, Hiya to Markus and the 808 boys.

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