Liner notes thanking 808 State

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Liner notes thanking 808 State

Post by markus »

I'll kick it off with these two, please give your additions:

Frank De Wulf - The First 3 Years: Thanks To: 808 State.

Altern 8 - Full On Mask Hysteria: A very big thank you to 808 State for kickstarting this whole business.

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Post by dee3 »

The Orb - Live 93: The final guest list: "eric and the 808 State"

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Liner notes

Post by newbuild »

Are these linear notes parallel, or perpendicular?

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Post by newbuild »

Let's not omit the wonderful NIGHTMARES ON WAX A WORD OF SCIENCE notes-which pretty much shout out to all the norf lads ;)

Same goes for UNIQUE 3 JUS' UNIQUE

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Post by the DJ »

Also don't forget Bomb The Bass's third album "Clear" which thanks 808 State between Richie Hawtin and Streets Ahead.

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Post by solarex »

I'm sure Bjork is thanking Graham on various releases. Note also Headphones being dedicated 'To Graham'.

Which reminds me how great it would be to actually know what was on those unique Massey tapes for Bjork. Let alone having a copy.

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Post by nickking »

Not exactly liner notes, but Hooky gives a shout out (repeatedly) to both Gerald and 808 during his two "Man Ray" tracks that start his forthcoming Hacienda compilation album! :)


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