More honour for Pacific State

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More honour for Pacific State

Postby solarex » 12 May 2010 13:11

In his broadcast last week Radio One DJ Gilles Peterson did a retrospective show on drum'n'bass playing a series of epical releases, as he saw them.

At one point he credits Pacific State for being a major influence on the dreamy chords business in the drum'n'bass genre.

Hearing this came as a surprise for me, and is something I have never heard said anywhere else or thought of myself.

Unfortunetly the show is no longer officially available, but I will supply that quote here tonight.

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Postby solarex » 12 May 2010 20:43

Here goes.

Gilles Peterson on Pacific State.mp3 - 2.71MB

Hearing it again, I'm not really sure if he referes to a particular track og d'n'b as a whole. But listening to an early and influential cut as Parallel Universe by 4hero, which he playes earlier in the show, clearly has chord played out and sounding like Pacific State.

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Postby markus » 13 May 2010 10:47

Many thanks. In all respect to Gilles Peterson, I love his show, in the snip I can't really make out if he'd actually ever heard of 'State 808' before... So exactly which Roni Size track was inspired by Pacific?

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