808 State live in Birkenhead / Liverpool tbc

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808 State live in Birkenhead / Liverpool tbc

Postby markus » 07 Feb 2012 22:54

A gig has been announced, 808 State in Birkenhead Park, Liverpool on Saturday 5 May 2012. Also featuring Happy Mondays & Inspiral Carpets a.o.


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Re: 808 State live in Birkenhead / Liverpool 5 May 2012

Postby nickking » 17 Feb 2012 22:26

"***16th February 2012 Special Announcement***
Mayan Events would like to give you latest news on 1st park Festival..
We have had to postpone the event to a later date on advice from an independant health and safety executive. Council legislation and Health and safety requirements meant that the Field we had planned to use was not suitable for an event this size. So new plans are now being submitted to move it to the largest field the one running adjacent to Park high lower. All the bands have agreed to the new proposed date, which is great news as it means the headlining acts can do longer sets as opposed to leaving early for another event later that night. We are sorry for any disapointment. But remember this is a charity event and we have to make it as safe and sound as possible for us all to have an enjoyable and successful day.
Thanks again.
Steve & Mike."

Hmmm.... :-?


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