Madchester Remembered (The Guardian)

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Madchester Remembered (The Guardian)

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Includes an interview with Andy Barker (as well as Hooky, Terry Christian and Tim Burgess amongst others).

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Re: Madchester Remembered (The Guardian)

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Love the final sentence:

Keyboardist, 808 State
The first 808 State records were made in a studio where we'd work all night after the Haçienda shut. Our music took off when Radio 1 DJ Gary Davies heard "Pacific State" in Ibiza and starting playing it on his show. We got a record deal, I quit my job as a roofer, and suddenly we were on Top of the Pops. My mam said, "What are you lot doing on Top of the Pops!?" There was an amazing creative energy in Manchester at the time; people just invented their own jobs – DJs, graphic designers, clothes labels. Everyone decided to have a go, and for once there was no one telling you that you couldn't. "I'm gonna open a car wash", "Nice one, go for it, mate." We also had our 808 Show on Tuesdays on Sunset Radio, and everyone would ring up for a 'shout going out'. It only soured for me when it became a business and we had to talk to idiots at record companies, Phil Collins fans who simply didn't understand our music.

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