808 State: In The Cab

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808 State: In The Cab

Postby SPW » 01 Oct 2012 10:16

Uploaded by VillUnderLondon on Feb 2, 2012
Interview with Darren Partington and Andy Barker from 808 State before
they performed a live electronic set at Village Underground. They talk
in typical jovial length about the Manchester early Acid House days,
getting the recording contracts and heading out on the road again.


Very informative. Acid house truned into making albums. I wasn't familiar with 808 State's British Acid excursions even though I bought 90 and Ex:cel. When retro started to become fashionable again I remember buying Newbuild on Rephlex and not liking it much but a lot of newer people seem to like that album. Kind of strange how music perceptions change over time.

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