Outpost Transmission

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Outpost Transmission

Post by Vadertech » 01 Nov 2002 04:06

Does anyone know if it will eventually have a US release. If so, anyone have any idea how long it'll be before it crosses the Atlantic? I'm usually worried when it comes to this because Orbital's Altogether album took 6 months to be released in the US. The bonus disk had a lot to do with it but most albums tend to shit around a bit before they decide to hit america.

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Post by markus » 01 Nov 2002 08:31

Just heard that a US release is on the map, but still in planning stage. I think they want a different running order of the tracks and possibly bonus tracks. But you can bet your socks that it will sit around, which is shit as you say :wink:
No idea which label it will be, Universal?

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