So how will you listen to OT ?

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So how will you listen to OT ?

Postby David » 05 Nov 2002 20:49

Really excited here-first 808 lp in 6 years.

I will buy it-scrutinise the packaging on the bus home(still afraid sometimes to remove the white pristine cover off Don Solaris).
Get home-excitement and nerves(hope 808's rep will be still intact).

Make a cup of tea,sit down,put it on-probably start with the songs with the names I am familiar with- '606' and 'Crossword'-listen to them for a bit before delving deeper after a day or too.Don't want to expose myself too soon to the entire LP.

I will like it-I like all 808 stuff so the sheer excitement of new material will win me over anyway.Fresh,new,exciting,my 808 history will be entering a new phase.
It will change my life for a bit too.Don Solaris saw me going round with 'Bird' and 'Azura' in me head for months,saw me more chilled and carefree as a person and I dressed more colourfully too.
Also tried everywhere to get a jacket like Graham's in the video for 'Bond'.
Telling friends about the album,playing it for them to see their reaction.

Anyway-i await.....
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Postby PHILTERFORM » 05 Nov 2002 21:14

with my headphones on ,and a little erb
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How to listen

Postby Ancodia » 06 Nov 2002 12:03

I will be borrowing a local club closed on mondays and rocking out to 606 on full blast!
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Postby st8te08 » 14 Nov 2002 11:33

I happened to get hold of O/T's promo version and I've been listening to it for three days around the clock and I can't believe it.

I thoroughly appreciate that good things take time and that creativity is a long during process with ups, downs and changing influences. But, be honest, who would have expected such an outcome after what has been delivered in the past?

It has been six years, since Don Solaris and I have to confess, that O/T has been a disappointment.

I would have wished an album that would make me recongnise your heroes a bit more !!!!!
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Postby Pete » 14 Nov 2002 19:41

three days isnt enough to say that, i've had it for over a month, its a grower, i absolutely love it. NO CHILL OUT!
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Postby SteveC » 14 Nov 2002 21:15

I'd have to agree with Pete. I've had it for 4 days and despite initial reservations it does grow on you, but it takes longer than the other albums to appreciate it. Only two OUTSTANDING tracks on it though, Wheatstraw and Suntower.
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Postby David » 14 Nov 2002 21:19

Well the tracks I heard on the Radio 6 interview were great.

Crossword stands out straight way and had me buzzing and the instrumental epic #7 sounds interesting.
I gota listen to that again.
I can't wait to hear 606.
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Postby Pete » 15 Nov 2002 01:55

the instrumental epic #7 track was suntower.

this is my order from best tracks to least fav (and i dont hate any of them!!!)



lung foo







roundbum mary




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Give it time!

Postby Mark » 16 Nov 2002 23:24

You gotta give OT time. At first listen I was a bit umm.....not sure about this, but after a few listens it really grew. After 6 weeks or so of listening it really is challenging Don Solaris for my fave 808 album.

I would highly recommend putting on your headphones and relaxing to OT, its elaborate sounds get lost if you are purely listening on your car stereo or as background music.

I definately think 808 are still going forward although they of course retain the famous 808 sound within the tracks, yeah they may not be as cutting edge as they were 10 years or so ago, but they can still show the others how its done.

Album highlight is Dissadis, other faves are Crossword, Lungfoo & Wheatstraw. Of course Quincy's would have been a welcome UK addition as it's one of 808's best. Still at least it made the Jap CD.

Only one suspect track and thats Lemonsoul, bit of a funny one? its not shite, but it is certainly the weakest compared to the other vocal tracks.
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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 17 Nov 2002 14:39

I shall take it to work and crank it up. 8)
808state's Tartan Army
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Who's listening?

Postby Ancodia » 18 Nov 2002 14:44

Considering we all thought this was a fairly safe date for the UK release :( . I am now dedicating my day of listening to a repeated loop of Simon and Garfunkle's - The Sound of Silence :wink:
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Postby Souflex » 19 Nov 2002 10:57

Just been listening to OPT, and after much worrying wether they are still good enough to keep me happy, I am pleased to anounce that I am delighted! The album is very nice, has a cosy feel (I'm not to big to tech talk). I am VERY happy with Souflex, has those beautiful synths running through it, I like Lemonsoul very much, has a real jaded persona feel to it, I think the first half of the album is strongest, Boogieman is the nuts, and right now of the top of my head I can't say what I like best. I like it all!!


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Postby SkiFamily91 » 19 Nov 2002 17:19

i've not heard any of the album yet, and probably won't until its properly released. Tell me, is it fairly chilled, or fairly hardcore, or both? I'm hoping its not filled with emotionless tracks like Invader and Full Nelson, and instead, i hope its full of plenty of mellow stuff. Will I be dissapointed?

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Postby Pete » 19 Nov 2002 18:09

very nice tunes, more mellow than hardcore - not an emotionless tunes in sight
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Postby SteveC » 19 Nov 2002 23:03

Heres my fave list in order with a highly original star rating system, :wink: Im sure we'll all have different views and I'm sure Markus will probably put a poll on here to vote for our fave tracks etc

1. Wheatstraw *****
2. Suntower *****
3. Chopsumwung ****
4. Souflex ****
5. Lemonsoul ****
6. Slowboat ***
7. Dissadis ***
8. Yo-Yo ***
9. Lungfoo ***
10. 606 ***
11. Roundbum Mary ***
12. Crossword ***
13. Bent **
14. Boogieman **

Incidently my promo came with a leaflet which said the release date was 10th December, but also said there would be a full UK tour in November.....ah well!!
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