(FTAO Markus) 808/Homelife gigs

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(FTAO Markus) 808/Homelife gigs

Postby Dr.Walsh » 29 Nov 2002 15:39

Alright Markus! :D

How are you going? I am back in sunny Manchester (for a while at least) 8)

Are you going to the 808 gig on 22nd? If you are, then we should meet up.

Also, of interest, was looking through some photos my Mum took at the Commonwealth Games earlier this year and found some of Homelife live. (They were some distance away but Grahams' bald spot could be seen a mile off! :wink:) My Mum said she enjoyed their music very much.

Drop us an email.

Walshy :)
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Postby markus » 30 Nov 2002 10:57

Nope, unfortunately financial / family reasons withhold me of making the trip to Manchester.

Sounds like you've got a cool mum!
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