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Media rumours

Post by markus » 04 Dec 2002 23:22

From the simply vinyl site:

There has been huge exposure with the release of this album including….

Press: features in M8, Mixmag, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Uncut, Record Collector, Sound On Sound, DJ, The Wire and Jocky Slut.

TV & Radio: Sessions on XFM, Galaxy, Radio One, Radio 3 and Capitol. Special Radio sampler featuring Elbow , Alabama3 and Simian tracks serviced this week for spot plays. EP featuring Ian Brown to follow in the new year.

Marketing & Concert: Solus ads in Mixmag, M8, The Guardian and DJ. Heavy flier campaign. Launch concerts in London, Manchester and Glasgow (both Dec). UK tour in January.

Trying to get confirmation on the Ian Brown & Glasgow stories, but in the meantime please keep ears & eyes open for all the TV/Radio and mags!

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