Album in-store in HMV (Manchester), etc

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Album in-store in HMV (Manchester), etc

Post by Dr.Walsh » 12 Dec 2002 16:59

Yesterday evening, on my first visit back into Manchester town centre in nearly 3 years I had the rather nice surprise of picking up a copy of 'Outpost Transmission' in HMV dance section! I also got the Homelife album 'Flying Wonders' the other day - what a return to the homeland! :D

I asked the lady behind the counter in HMV when 'Outpost' first arrived in the store but I didn't have time for her to find out (was in a hurry to go to cinema where saw the superb film 'Rabbit Proof Fence', a top film which is about white treatment of Aboriginals in Western Australia - the 'Stolen Generation' - in the early 19th century. If anyone has the chance to see it I recommend it).

Having returned home I put my own twist on where/how to first listen. At 12:30pm I dulled the lights, fetched down a quilt and lay on the floor of the living room. All around me were books that I'm reading that are scattered all over the room - books by the Dalai Lama; on Feng Shui; Egyptology; the Bermuda Triangle; the mysteries of Mars; Captain Cook; a cultural history of intoxication; the Hindu Goddess Kali and 'Freaky Dancing' by Bez, plus the latest albums by Roni Size and Mr.Scruff! Being a reformed toker and a non-drinker there was nowt but me, good vibes and the tunes! :D :wink: :P 8)

And the verdict: sound as a pound! The 808 sound is more luscious, luxurious and refined, beautifully crafted, twisted in parts, with much of it having a very contemporary vibe. It sounds as if they have been listening to some top deep house and breaks records during recording. Their music is as unique as ever and the album as a whole is brilliant listening for a full sitting, and can be 'melted' into.

The Homelife album is also cool, very leftfield and Graham is on 4 of the 11 tracks featured. It is top notch future jazz and I love it. It occasionally gets into eccentric 'Jazz Club' territory (with random leftfield sounds going off at random!) which is great! :wink: 8)

Once again it is (as far as I know) out there on its own - and if people are listening to this and 'Outpost' they will probably get onto the fact that there is something in the air again!

Big up to everyone listening to these albums. Enjoy!

:D :) 8) :P :wink:

PS Will do full reviews of both albums in near future.

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Post by Pete » 12 Dec 2002 23:11

Monday afternoon - watford town centre.

hmv - 2 copies in dance section (carlos got 1 of them)
mvc - 0 copies
virgin wankastore - 0 copies

dont bother with woolys, whsmiths etc etc

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